Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is located in Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (Kawasan Industri Pulogadung). It is lead by highly qualified person who has very successful experience in the production field at the multinational company. Now, the production capacity of our manufacturing facility is more than 400 metric ton per month.

Manufacture :
PT. Aalen Chemicals Indonesia
Jl. Pulobuaran III Blok G3 Kawasan Industri JIEP Pulogadung
Tlp/ Fax : 021 - 46830522


PT. Aalen Chemicals Indonesia aims to be a leading Indonesian adhesive & sealant, metal treatment and lubricant company. We always position ourselves as part of our customer team to achieve an optimum operation of their plant.


To anticipate the future, PT. Aalen Chemicals Indonesia will continue in developing the product to always deliver high quality and cost competitive products to our customer.

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